Can A Dental Grill Cause Problems For Your Teeth?

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If you have chosen to wear a dental grill, it is important that you realize they are not ideal for your mouth and teeth. Grills are decorative covers made from gold and often include gemstones and are popular among teens and adults. While you may love wearing your grill, they do come with some risks that you should know about. Additional Plague Build Up One thing that you could face when wearing a grill is the build up of plaque and bacteria on the teeth.

20 July 2016

Clear Understanding: Four Products For A Clear Braces And White Teeth

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If your preteen or teenager is in need of braces, it can be of great benefit to get the braces done as soon as possible. The quicker braces are put on to correct the teeth, the faster they can be removed so your teenager wont have to worry about the extra cleaning during their final years of high school. One of the ways that you teenager can make sure that their smile is still yearbook perfect is to get clear braces versus the original metal type.

30 June 2016

Improving Your Dental Practice's Patient Satisfaction Level

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If you have your own dental or orthodontic practice, and you have noticed repeat customers are not as abundant as they were in the past, you will need to take a look at your current methods in conducting business to find ways for improvement. Increasing the satisfaction level of your patients can be done by thinking about their needs first. Here are some efficient ways to improve the level of happiness of your clients, helping you to expand as result of them sharing their experiences with others.

15 June 2016

2 Ways To Promote Good Oral Health For Your Child

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If your toddler has had several of his or her teeth erupt, it is important for you to help your little one establish good dental hygiene. Good dental practices that are learned early can help your child protect his or her teeth for a lifetime. Primary teeth are eventually shed, but they impact the health of the underlined adult teeth that will eventually emerge. The primary teeth act as placeholders for the permanent teeth.

24 May 2016

How Getting Implants For Your Dentures Can Benefit You

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As a senior citizen, you may be wondering if you're too old to get dental implants. This is something to discuss with your dentist, but as long as you are in good health, your age shouldn't be a factor when it comes to undergoing the procedure. In fact, dental implants can improve your quality of life as you age. Here are a couple of reasons why getting implants for your dentures is such a good idea.

9 May 2016

5 Reasons Dental Crowns Are Used

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A dental crown is an encasement that covers a tooth. Crowns can be made from many different materials, such as porcelain, porcelain-over-metal, metal alloy, stainless steel or gold. One of the benefits of having a crown installed is the beautification of the tooth. Regardless of the appearance of a damaged tooth, a dental crown can be used to restore its beauty. Here are additional reasons dental crowns are used: Stabilization of Tooth-replacement Devices

20 April 2016

Three Problems Your Wisdom Teeth May Cause

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Each year, there are about 5 million people who have their wisdom teeth pulled. This can occur at almost any stage of your life but usually occurs in the later teen years or early twenties. For some, having the wisdom teeth pulled isn't necessary. For others, they may need their wisdom teeth pulled but just aren't feeling any pain. People can have all four wisdom teeth come in or only one, two, or three come in.

8 March 2016

2 Things Beyond Brushing And Flossing To Improve Oral Health

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If you are looking for additional ways to promote great dental health, you may not know where to start. Although brushing and flossing should be the main components of your dental regimen, there are other things that you can do. Here are a couple of them: Oil Pull Oil pulling involves the moving of an edible oil about the oral cavity for a period of time to trap bacteria and promote better dental health.

8 March 2016

Cosmetic Dental Treatments To Get If Whitening Doesn't Work

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Professional teeth whitening is an effective way to bleach your teeth, but some staining is deeper than what tray or laser whitening can accomplish. If this happens, and you still want a beautiful white smile, you will need to look for the alternatives. The following cosmetic dental treatments can cover staining and discolouration if whitening doesn't work. Dental Veneers The first cosmetic dental procedure you can opt for if teeth whitening isn't effective is veneers.

15 February 2016

Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration: Causes And How To Identify It

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If you have tried bleaching your teeth to no avail, then you are probably dealing with intrinsic dental staining. Intrinsic teeth discoloration originates from the inside of the tooth, which means you cannot get rid of it by just whitening the enamel (outer layer of the tooth). Here are the causes of intrinsic discoloration: Dental Restorations Some dental restorations, especially metallic ones, may corrode and appear as discolorations from the inside of the tooth.

24 January 2016