Three Problems Your Wisdom Teeth May Cause

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Each year, there are about 5 million people who have their wisdom teeth pulled. This can occur at almost any stage of your life but usually occurs in the later teen years or early twenties. For some, having the wisdom teeth pulled isn't necessary. For others, they may need their wisdom teeth pulled but just aren't feeling any pain. People can have all four wisdom teeth come in or only one, two, or three come in. Just because one wisdom tooth comes in, it doesn't mean the others aren't an issue. They could be posing a problem in your mouth without you even knowing it. If you do start to have issues with your wisdom teeth or in the area where they should be, here are some things you should be on the lookout for.

Crooked Teeth

Wisdom teeth can come in any type of way including sideways. When this happens, it puts more pressure on the other teeth. Traditional metal braces can cost anywhere between $3,000 to $7,000. When the wisdom teeth start to come in crooked, it can undo the effects of braces pretty much throwing that money spent on the braces in the trash. Once you start to see the wisdom teeth coming in, you need to have a dentist check it out. They can determine whether your wisdom teeth are coming in straight or crooked. 

Jaw Pain

It is not uncommon to experience jaw pain when your wisdom teeth are coming in. Cysts can start to form around any new teeth that come in. When the cysts are not removed, it can start to damage the nerves in the jaw and even the structure in the jawbone. If your jaw begins to hurt while your wisdom teeth are coming in, you should have them checked out right away. Additionally, when the wisdom teeth struggle to break through the gum, they may get impacted. Impacted teeth can cause jaw pain and could end up causing an infection if not taken care of. 

Sinus Pressure

Millions of people are diagnosed with sinus issues, but some of them can actually be relieved. The incoming of your wisdom teeth can actually cause sinus problems. In fact, they are known to cause headaches, stuffiness, and sinus pressure. This happens when the upper wisdom teeth start to put pressure on the sinuses and in return cause sinus problems. After visiting the dental clinic (like West Gate Dental), a dentist may advise you to have them removed to help relieve some of the pressure off your sinuses. 


8 March 2016

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