Clear Understanding: Four Products For A Clear Braces And White Teeth

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If your preteen or teenager is in need of braces, it can be of great benefit to get the braces done as soon as possible. The quicker braces are put on to correct the teeth, the faster they can be removed so your teenager wont have to worry about the extra cleaning during their final years of high school. One of the ways that you teenager can make sure that their smile is still yearbook perfect is to get clear braces versus the original metal type. The biggest issue is keeping clear braces clean. Here is a four product arsenal that you will need to keep braces clear. 

Food grade hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide is a cheap method for cleaning off stains. Using peroxide can also work well for braces. Have your teenager rinse their mouth twice a day with a cap full of peroxide. If they find the taste too hard to take, water down the peroxide, then gargle with water after the peroxide rinse. Most store brand mouth rinses are dyed, which is not something that you want to continue to come into contact with braces. 

Travel toothbrush 

While you may have heard the conventional wisdom to brush after every meal, those who have clear braces should brush after every meal, snack, or piece of candy; any types of colorful foods or drink can cause the braces to become stained with color. Have your teenager keep a travel toothbrush in their purse or wallet so that they can always manually brush to keep braces clear. 

Stainless steel straw

Slushies, sweet drinks, and tea are all products that you want to have limited contact with clear braces. If your teenager wants to drink any colorful product, they should utilize a straw so that the drink does not permeate the mouth and cause discoloration to the clear braces. Carrying a stainless steel straw means that your child can rinse out the small metal tube and use this to enjoy any of their favorite drinks.  

Baking soda

Once in the morning or at night, your teenager should brush their teeth with baking soda, rather than a toothpaste. Baking soda will help to clean both the braces and the teeth. Baking soda has whitening properties and provides proper friction for breaking down particles in the braces. This will help to keep the braces clean and it will help to whiten the teeth to give your teenager perfect pearly whites when their braces are removed.

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30 June 2016

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