2 Ways To Promote Good Oral Health For Your Child

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If your toddler has had several of his or her teeth erupt, it is important for you to help your little one establish good dental hygiene. Good dental practices that are learned early can help your child protect his or her teeth for a lifetime.

Primary teeth are eventually shed, but they impact the health of the underlined adult teeth that will eventually emerge. The primary teeth act as placeholders for the permanent teeth. In addition, decay that occurs in the primary teeth can invade the permanent teeth that are still within the gums. As a result, it is important for your child's primary teeth to stay healthy.

Here are a few things that you can do to promote good oral health for your child:

Don't leave your little one to brush alone.

If only a few of your child's teeth have presented, your little one is likely to have undeveloped brushing skills. Still, the way that your child brushes will affect the amount of dental decay that he or she suffers.

When your child eats, particles of food are left in his or her mouth. This food becomes a meal for the oral bacteria that are present in your little one's mouth. The bacteria feed on the leftover food and release acid that demineralizes your child's teeth and causes decay. As your child brushes, the particles of food are removed, and plaque, which consists of food and oral bacteria, is brushed away. When oral bacteria lacks an available food source, the number present in your child's mouth declines, making dental decay less likely.

To ensure that your child brushes appropriately, it is best to share his or her brushing session. You can advise your little one of adjustments that need to be made to his or her brushing techniques. In addition, you can ensure that he or she is actually brushing for at least two minutes each time your child cleans his or her teeth.

Give your little one toothpaste that he or she likes.

Some kids enjoy the intense flavor of adult toothpaste, but many do not. Strong minty flavors can be painful to the soft tissues your child's little mouth. Thus, it is often best to use a toothpaste that is specifically designed for children due to their mild flavors. Often, these toothpastes are sweet, and they are also available in flavors that your child may enjoy, such as bubble gum.

If your little one is still a toddler, you should look for a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. If your child accidentally ingests too much fluoride, he or she could be poisoned. Your child can still receive the fluoride needed to help ensure his or her teeth remain strong by drinking tap water that is fluoridated.

To learn more ways to promote good oral health for your child, talk to a dentist like Benjamin D Hull DDS.


24 May 2016

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