2 Things Beyond Brushing And Flossing To Improve Oral Health

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If you are looking for additional ways to promote great dental health, you may not know where to start. Although brushing and flossing should be the main components of your dental regimen, there are other things that you can do. Here are a couple of them:

Oil Pull

Oil pulling involves the moving of an edible oil about the oral cavity for a period of time to trap bacteria and promote better dental health. The practice can be performed with a favorite healthy oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil. After placing the oil in the mouth, it is best to continue moving the oil about until you feel the need to release it. The longer that you can keep the oil in the mouth, the longer it can absorb the oral bacteria.

When you feel the need to release the oil, simply spit it out into a trash receptacle. It is usually not best to spit the oil in a toilet or sink because the oil can promote the clogging of pipes. This is especially true for coconut oil, which is a solid at room temperature.

People who regularly oil pull often realize multiple oral health benefits, such as whiter teeth, fresher breath and a cleaner feeling in the mouth.

If you have trouble keeping the oil in your mouth for a prolonged period, it may be because you do not find the oil palatable. To help improve its taste, consider adding a few drops of peppermint oil. In addition, if you choose to oil pull with coconut oil, you may find it easier to use the oil in a liquid state. Thus, it can be helpful to warm the oil slightly so that you don't have to place a spoonful of solid oil in your mouth.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is not only enjoyable. It can also be advantageous for your overall health. Sugarless gum does not promote tooth decay. In addition, due to its sticky nature, it can pull plaque and particles of food from the surface of your teeth. Gum also helps encourage salivary production.

When adequate amounts of saliva are in the mouth, the liquid is able to wash away food debris and oral bacteria that can cause tooth decay. In addition, saliva dilutes acid that may be in the mouth to help further protect the teeth.

To maximize the benefits of chewing gum, select a sugarless gum that is sweetened with xylitol and is cinnamon-flavored. The cinnamon and xylitol can help control the bacteria in your mouth.

To learn more ways to improve your oral health, consult with a dentist in your area.


8 March 2016

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