Some Things You Should Know About Going To The Dentist

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There are many people who wonder if they should be going to the dentist regularly. They might think that they are saving money by only going when they think it is needful, but in reality, they could actually be hurting themselves more. Here are some things you need to know about going to the dentist. Is There Any Reason To Go To The Dentist If I Don't Think I Have A Cavity?

13 December 2017

The Case For Oral Care With Braces: A Kid Dentist's Argument

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Braces are great. Well, your kid may not think so, and you probably did not think so at that age either. However, braces do so much to correct and realign your kid's bite and teeth that braces are definitely worth the little bit of discomfort. However, while your kid has braces, he or she still has to floss and brush. That is a lot of extra work, but here is what can happen if you are not more consistent with oral care when braces are present.

15 November 2017

Dental Applications That Can Be Used To Treat A Cavity

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If your teeth become damaged from tooth decay, the resulting cavities may require treatment. Tooth decay occurs when the enamel of the teeth is dissolved by acids within the mouth. As the minerals within the enamel are dissolved, holes or cavities form.  Once a cavity forms, a dentist must select the best form of treatment to protect the tooth and prevent further decay. Here are a few dental applications that are used to treat dental cavities:

19 October 2017

A Touchy Subject: Can You Get Veneers With Tooth Sensitivity?

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Having sensitive teeth can make it extremely uncomfortable for anything cold or hot to touch your teeth. It might also make you feel as though getting cosmetic dental procedures performed would be more trouble than it would for those with normal teeth. For example, tooth whitening is often uncomfortable for those who already have sensitive teeth, and the whitening process can leave them more sensitive. The good news is, dental veneers don't fall under this category.

20 September 2017

What Should You Do If You Knock Out Your Tooth?

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If you fell down the stairs and managed to knock out one of your teeth, you may be worried about what you should do. I mean, you don't want to permanently have a missing tooth. Taking care of your knocked out tooth is pretty easy to do, and as long as you do it correctly, the odds that your tooth will heal correctly are pretty good.  Rinse it Off If there is any debris or dirt on your tooth, you want to gently rinse it off under lukewarm water.

27 August 2017

Your Child's First Consultation With A Pediatric Orthodontist: What To Expect As A Parent

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Whether you find out from your regular dentist that your child has to have braces or there are other issues affecting the shape of your child's smile, there is a pretty good chance that you will be referred to a pediatric orthodontist. Even though it is often assumed that these professionals are merely dentists who know how to straighten your child's teeth, these people are incredibly valuable, and you will definitely want to get familiar with them.

1 August 2017

The Progression Of Smile Restoration: From Fillings To Implants

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As hard as you try, you probably won't be able to hold onto your natural teeth forever. There is only so much restoration and salvation work a dentist can do before a tooth is completely gone. If you want to know how you got from fillings to dental implants, here is the usual timeline. Dental Fillings The first step in losing your teeth almost always starts with cavities and dental fillings.

14 July 2017

Dental Bridges: Answering Three Important But Common Questions

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Missing teeth can have major cosmetic repercussions for anyone. Despite missing teeth being a fairly common issue for individuals to experience, tooth replacement procedures are not particularly well known or understood. A dental bridge can be one of the most commonly used treatments for replacing missing teeth, and you may be more comfortable choosing this option once you know more about this particular solution. Will Your Remaining Teeth Need Any Modifications For The Bridge?

14 June 2017

How To Keep The Space Between Your Teeth From Becoming Discolored

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Having your teeth professionally whitened is a great experience that can do a lot to boost your ego. However, it doesn't take long for stains and discoloration to begin creeping back in between the teeth. If you're tired of having your whitened teeth marred by a dark or yellowish color appearing between your teeth, follow these steps to remove it and prevent it from happening in the future, too. Why the Space Between Your Teeth Changes Colors

20 May 2017

Patients That May Benefit From Dental Implants

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Losing a tooth can be a deeply troubling experience. In addition to the intense pain and discomfort that people suffering from this problem may experience, it can also be a highly embarrassing problem to have if the missing tooth was in a visible location. Dental implants can help patients that are suffering from this problem, and in particular, there are three types of individuals that may benefit the most from choosing implants over bridges or dentures.

4 May 2017