What Should You Do If You Knock Out Your Tooth?

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If you fell down the stairs and managed to knock out one of your teeth, you may be worried about what you should do. I mean, you don't want to permanently have a missing tooth. Taking care of your knocked out tooth is pretty easy to do, and as long as you do it correctly, the odds that your tooth will heal correctly are pretty good. 

Rinse it Off

If there is any debris or dirt on your tooth, you want to gently rinse it off under lukewarm water. You don't want to put any of that dirt in your mouth. Hold the tooth gently by the tooth end and then put it under the running water, making sure that the water is on just a trickle, and not a strong flow. Do not hold the tooth by the root end. Doing that can cause damage to the root and that can have a big impact on the odds of your tooth healing well. Once you have rinsed it off, it's time to move on to the next steps. 

Put it in Your Mouth

After you have rinsed off your tooth, it's time to start to do what you can to get it to heal. Gently try to put it back into the socket. Don't jam it because you could cause further trauma to the root of your tooth or to the socket of your jaw. Both of those places are going to already have had enough damage done to them. If your tooth does go back into the socket, you should just go to your dentist as soon as possible to check to make sure that your tooth is going to set back into your jaw the way that it should. If it doesn't go in, then there are other things that you can do. 

Milk Does a Tooth Good

If your tooth didn't go back in, you still need to make sure it's protected. One way to do that is to put it in a small cup with some milk. Milk is better than just plain water because it is chemically similar to your spit so your tooth will be protected until you can get to your dentist so that they can get it back into your jaw so that it can heal. 

If you have had an accident and knocked out your tooth, then you want to make sure that you handle it correctly so you can have it back in your jaw. Contact a dental office, like Centre Family Dentistry, for more help.


27 August 2017

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