A Touchy Subject: Can You Get Veneers With Tooth Sensitivity?

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Having sensitive teeth can make it extremely uncomfortable for anything cold or hot to touch your teeth. It might also make you feel as though getting cosmetic dental procedures performed would be more trouble than it would for those with normal teeth. For example, tooth whitening is often uncomfortable for those who already have sensitive teeth, and the whitening process can leave them more sensitive. The good news is, dental veneers don't fall under this category. If you're interested in healthier and whiter looking teeth, veneers can work for you, even with sensitive teeth:

How Veneers Work Without Harming Your Teeth

Unlike many other dental appliances, dental veneers don't require any sort of drilling to be installed. In addition, many people don't need any kind of resurfacing to have veneers set up in front of their teeth. This is why they're a great match for those with sensitive teeth.

Dental veneers are installed with professional-level dental cement. They adhere to the front of your teeth and leave the sides and back of the tooth untouched. This means you can expect little to no sensitivity during the installation process, and you shouldn't have any additional pain or discomfort afterward.

How Veneers Can Help Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive nerve endings in your teeth, dental veneers might be able to help ease the discomfort you experience. Dental veneers provide a layer of protection between the outside edge of your tooth and the surrounding environment. This means that the front of your tooth won't be directly exposed to cold and hot substances, and it won't allow any additional wear and tear on the surface of the tooth. If you're normally sensitive enough to even find brushing your teeth uncomfortable, you'll be pleased to find that the front of your teeth no longer come in contact with the toothbrush, so it should cut down on discomfort dramatically.

What To Expect

Having dental veneers installed is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Your dentist will talk with you about your dental goals and perform a simple assessment to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy. From there, you'll be allowed to choose a veneer shade that meets your criteria, and your dentist will measure your existing teeth to choose a size that's appropriate for your mouth.

Your dentist will need to custom-order the veneers for you, so you'll be called back into the office when they're ready to be installed. After a thorough cleaning, the veneers will adhere to the front of your teeth, and you'll be finished just like that.

Dental veneers can help to make teeth look healthy and white without causing any additional pain and sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth and want to have the best smile possible, talk to a dentist about veneers.

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20 September 2017

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