Dental Bridges: Answering Three Important But Common Questions

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Missing teeth can have major cosmetic repercussions for anyone. Despite missing teeth being a fairly common issue for individuals to experience, tooth replacement procedures are not particularly well known or understood. A dental bridge can be one of the most commonly used treatments for replacing missing teeth, and you may be more comfortable choosing this option once you know more about this particular solution.

Will Your Remaining Teeth Need Any Modifications For The Bridge?

During the process of placing a bridge in the mouth, it may be necessary to slightly modify the teeth next to the gap. More precisely, some of the outer enamel will be removed so that there will be sufficient space for a crown to be secured over the tooth. These crowns will hold the anchor for the artificial tooth, and they are essential for this tooth replacement option. If you ever decide to replace the bridge with a permanent implant, it will be possible to restore the appearance of these teeth by installing a standard crown or using bonding to restore the original size and shape of the tooth.

How Noticeable Are Dental Bridges Compared To Other Replacement Options?

It is frequently assumed that a dental bridge will be one of the least discrete tooth replacement options. Yet, it is highly unlikely that other individuals will be able to tell that you have a bridge without closely inspecting your mouth. This is due to the fact that the artificial tooth will be an almost exact replica of a natural tooth. In fact, some cosmetic dentistry providers will use a model of one of your other teeth when making it. Furthermore, the artificial tooth will have a material along its base that will mimic the appearance of natural gum tissue so that there is not a gap where the bridge meets your natural gums.

Are Dental Bridges Easily Broken?

There is another belief that dental bridges will be particularly vulnerable to suffering damages that will compromise the comfort of the patient wearing the bridge or their appearance. Yet, bridges are made of high-strength composite materials that are designed to last for many years without needing to be replaced or requiring major work. In fact, many patients may find that their bridge will last for a couple of decades before they will need to be replaced. Having your teeth cleaned and inspected by your dentist twice a year will allow them to address any potential structural issues the bridge may be developing.  


14 June 2017

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