Your Child's First Consultation With A Pediatric Orthodontist: What To Expect As A Parent

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Whether you find out from your regular dentist that your child has to have braces or there are other issues affecting the shape of your child's smile, there is a pretty good chance that you will be referred to a pediatric orthodontist. Even though it is often assumed that these professionals are merely dentists who know how to straighten your child's teeth, these people are incredibly valuable, and you will definitely want to get familiar with them. Take a look at a few things you should expect to happen when you take your child to see a pediatric orthodontist for the first time. 

The orthodontist will go over dental and medical history with you. 

Knowing about a child's prior dental treatment and any medical issues that have faced in the past or have been diagnosed with will help the orthodontist better understand what could be at play with the formation of the child's teeth. Therefore, your child's initial consultation may involve a quick review of your child's history and dental records. Take a look at to see what kinds of pertinent information you should bring with you to a first appointment. During this time you will likely be asked a handful of questions about certain dental treatments or problems your child may have. 

Your child will be examined thoroughly by the orthodontist. 

Once the introductions have been made and you have talked with the orthodontist about your child's medical and dental history, the next step is typically an oral exam. The orthodontist may prefer to also take facial x-rays to get a closer look at the shape and formation of the jawline and teeth if these have not already been provided by your regular dentist. During the oral examination, the orthodontist will be looking at things like:

  • problematic spaces between permanent teeth
  • overlapping teeth or teeth that have the potential to overlap in the future
  • the shape of the overall bite, such as whether your child has a cross-bite alignment 

The orthodontist may make a dental impression of your child's teeth. 

Taking a dental impression of your child's teeth is the easiest way for the orthodontist to get a physical model of your child's mouth that they can carefully survey and assess after the appointment to come up with the best plan for treatment. Therefore, this process is often a part of the initial consultation. While somewhat uncomfortable, taking an impression of your child's teeth is not something that is painful and is a process that can be completed fairly quickly. 


1 August 2017

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