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Losing a tooth can be a deeply troubling experience. In addition to the intense pain and discomfort that people suffering from this problem may experience, it can also be a highly embarrassing problem to have if the missing tooth was in a visible location. Dental implants can help patients that are suffering from this problem, and in particular, there are three types of individuals that may benefit the most from choosing implants over bridges or dentures.

Those Wanting A Durable Tooth Replacement Solution

While a bridge or set of dentures can be effective for replacing a tooth, they will not be particularly durable. In fact, dental bridges and dentures will have to be replaced every few years to ensure they look and function as originally intended. Dental implants are designed to be permanent additions to your mouth, and while it may be necessary to replace the implant or the artificial tooth if they become damaged, this is less likely to occur than with bridges and dentures.

Patients That Are Prone To Jaw Atrophy

Many dental patients may fail to appreciate that the loss of a tooth can have secondary effects on their jaw bones. Without the tooth, the jaw will not have the support that it needs, and this can cause it to start to atrophy or erode. Over time, this can contribute to the loss of other teeth as the eroding jaw will not be able to securely hold the teeth in place. Dental implants are designed so that they will closely mimic the function and support that a tooth's natural root would provide. As a result, patients may find that an implant can drastically reduce the severity of atrophy that the bones in the jaw experience.  

Individuals That Value A Natural Looking Solution

Choosing to have a bridge installed or opting for a set of dentures can correct many of the functional problems that tooth loss can cause. However, these options will often not look as natural as dental implants. This is due to the fact that there may be a small gap or slight color change where the base of the bridge or dentures meet the gums. For those that have wide smiles, this may allow others to notice the dentures or bridges. Additionally, both of these options can be at a relatively high risk of coming loose or falling out of the patient's mouth, which can ruin the illusion of having all of your teeth. Dental implants are placed directly into the jaw and gums, which will provide for a much more natural appearance.

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4 May 2017

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