Short-Term Management For A Lost Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are applied to a prepared tooth and then cemented into place. The use of cement suggests that the attachment is permanent, and for most people, it is. The crown itself might require replacement after years of wear and tear, but this shouldn't need to happen for a few decades or so. Occasionally, the cement holding the crown in place might loosen its grip and cause the crown to detach from the underlying tooth.

23 August 2021

Want To Realign Your Teeth? 4 Benefits Of Choosing Invisalign

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After deciding to fix your crooked teeth, you could be stuck between braces and clear aligners like Invisalign. Both are effective treatment options and can yield the desired results in the end. However, you might need to learn about the two options before heading to the dental clinic. The following are some of the top benefits of clear aligners that you can enjoy. 1. They Are Invisible  Adults and teens are often image-conscious and prefer to keep their treatments a secret.

15 July 2021

Plaque And Your Oral Health: What You Need To Know

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When you neglect to brush your teeth, you can feel the buildup of plaque on your teeth. Plaque is dangerous for many reasons. Here are some things you need to know about plaque buildup and what you need to do about it: How Does Plaque Form? Plaque forms on the teeth after you eat or drink. Sugars and food particles from the food and drinks are especially prevalent when you do not brush your teeth daily.

28 May 2021

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary For Young Children?

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Most pediatric dentists will avoid extracting baby teeth if they can. This is because baby teeth have their own timeline. The timeline for baby teeth to be replaced by permanent teeth usually starts at around the age of five or six and extends until about the age of twelve. Removing baby teeth before they are due to come out on their own can create problems further down the line. Unfortunately, in some cases, a pediatric dentist may recommend tooth extraction before a tooth is ready to come out on its own.

20 April 2021

How A Medical Supplier Can Help Keep Your Medical Office Stocked

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During the very beginning of the pandemic, when everybody was raiding the shelves of grocery stores and pharmacies, it felt like the world was never going to make enough medical supplies to keep up. However, now that distributors have produced more and things have started to settle down, it's much easier to keep medical supply shelves fully stocked and ready for you to use at your medical office. To ensure that you always have everything you need, from cotton swabs to tongue dispensers, there are a few helpful tips for you to use.

9 March 2021

5 Guidelines To Follow After Dental Implants Surgery

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Most adults lose at least one tooth at some point and have to find a solution to this problem. Fortunately, dentists have managed to develop excellent remedies to replace lost teeth thanks to modern technology. Dental implants offer a reliable solution for people who have lost their teeth. Although dental implants have gradually grown in popularity, the majority of patients are concerned with the recovery period after the dental implant surgery.

25 January 2021

Dental Implants: Signs You Need To Speak To Your Dentist After Getting Them

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Once you have your dental implants placed in your mouth, it will be quite a while before your mouth heals fully. This is because your jaw and gums go through a lot to accomplish having successful dental implants put in place and can make the mouth sore for up to eight months' worth of healing time. As your dental implants heal, you should take care of your mouth by chewing soft foods, consuming liquid foods, and keeping your mouth free of bacteria and germs.

9 December 2020

Causes And Treatments For Overgrown Gums

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Gum overgrowth is also known as gingival hyperplasia. This term refers to the overgrowth of gum tissue that can extend over your teeth and even in between your teeth. In addition, those who have gum overgrowth may notice that their gums bleed easily when brushing and flossing and when getting their teeth cleaned or probed with dental instruments during routine examinations. Here are some causes of gum overgrowth and how your dentist can treat it.

27 October 2020

What You Should Know About Adult Orthodontics

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If you are an adult and are dissatisfied with your teeth, you are not alone. Millions of people around the world have crowding, crooked teeth, overlapping teeth, and more that make them unhappy with their smiles. However, you do not necessarily have to stay that way. Orthodontics and adult braces are options. Before you make any decisions about your smile, learn some of the facts you should know about adult orthodontics.

31 December 2019

Here's Why You Should Never Wait To Get Help After A Tooth Is Knocked Out

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Having a tooth knocked out can be a harrowing experience, but some people are inclined to overlook it and try to cope with the aftermath. Whether you're trying to save face or save money, this is the wrong decision to make. If you've had a tooth knocked out or know someone who has who isn't seeking help, it's time to change that right away. Here's why: Open Wound When a tooth is knocked out, it's not as though a piece of bone is simply popping out and that's the end of it.

5 December 2019