Why Not To Be Scared If You Need A Root Canal

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While the vast majority of people go to the dentist on a regular basis for cleanings, cavity drilling, and other procedures, the notion of a root canal still manages to fill many with dread. If you've never had a root canal yourself and are worried that you may need one, or have been told that you do, you might be scared of going through with it or being forced to put up with excess pain. Root canals wouldn't be as common a dental treatment as they are if they weren't routine and manageable, so here's a look at how your dentist will ensure that your root canal is safe and comfortable.


Root canals aren't actually that different a procedure from having a cavity drilled. The main difference is that root canals go deeper, and end up removing the entire interior of the tooth, rather than just a small decayed portion, like with a cavity.

As one might expect, since your tooth is being drilled, you'll be given anesthesia during the procedure. For most people, this is given in the form of an injection directly to the area, called local anesthesia. However, if necessary, your dentist will rely on general anesthesia – the type that makes you sleep for the duration of the procedure. In either case, you won't feel a thing during the procedure itself.

Removing the Pain at the Source

If you need a root canal, chances are you're already dealing with some pain in at least one of your teeth. Being in pain can sometimes make people more fearful of additional pain, so it's understandable if you're nervous. However, the nature of a root canal is designed to destroy your pain at the source, ensuring that you're no longer in any discomfort.

Root canals achieve this by removing the interior of the tooth, including its nerve endings. These nerve endings are what send signals to your brain letting you know that something is wrong in the form of pain. When they're removed, it's no longer possible for that pain signal to be sent, so you should experience immediate relief after the procedure is completed.


Of course, sometimes pain after a dental procedure can't be avoided, simply because your body has undergone a significant procedure. Don't worry, though; your dentist will have you covered here, too.

Your dentist will likely either prescribe a pain medication for you or recommend over-the-counter medications you can take to control any discomfort you may have immediately after your root canal. Follow your dentist's directions and take the medication as directed, and you shouldn't have any pain.

Root canals may make people nervous, but aside from a bit of noise, there's nothing particularly unique about getting a root canal versus any other major dental procedure. If you have further questions, consult with a reputable dentist to learn more.


11 November 2021

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