When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary For Young Children?

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Most pediatric dentists will avoid extracting baby teeth if they can. This is because baby teeth have their own timeline. The timeline for baby teeth to be replaced by permanent teeth usually starts at around the age of five or six and extends until about the age of twelve. Removing baby teeth before they are due to come out on their own can create problems further down the line.

Unfortunately, in some cases, a pediatric dentist may recommend tooth extraction before a tooth is ready to come out on its own. A pediatric dentist will decide to remove a tooth in the following situations.

When a tooth is badly decayed

If a child's baby tooth is badly decayed, then extraction will be necessary. This is because the decay can spread to the adult tooth and damage it before that tooth erupts, causing discoloration and deformity.

When there isn't enough room for adult teeth to erupt

Small jaws can run in families. And when a child's jaw is too small to accommodate all the incoming adult teeth, a pediatric dentist may need to remove a baby tooth. This ensures that the adult teeth come through in the right position.

When a tooth is very badly broken

Dentists can fix baby teeth with minor breakages using crowns or fillings. But when a break is too severe, then extraction is the best option. Broken teeth can become infected, and infections can spread to the waiting adult teeth and even damage the bone surrounding the teeth. Badly broken teeth can also cut the soft tissues of your child's mouth, causing discomfort.

When an adult tooth erupts before the baby tooth falls out

Sometimes, a condition that dentists call "shark teeth" occurs, which means that the adult teeth erupt before the baby teeth fall out. If not treated early enough, these adult teeth erupt into the wrong position. This causes spacing issues that can affect the eruption of the other adult teeth. If an adult tooth erupts before a baby tooth falls out, immediate extraction is the best course of action. When a baby tooth has to come out earlier than its time, a pediatric dentist can use a space divider to ensure that there is enough space for the adult teeth to erupt.

If you suspect that your child might need to see a pediatric dentist for a tooth extraction, don't waste any time. Sometimes, a swift tooth extraction, even of a baby tooth, can help in the development of a child's jaw and in the healthy positioning of their teeth. For more information, visit a pediatric dentistry like the New England Dental Specialists of Norwood


20 April 2021

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