Dental Implants: Signs You Need To Speak To Your Dentist After Getting Them

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Once you have your dental implants placed in your mouth, it will be quite a while before your mouth heals fully. This is because your jaw and gums go through a lot to accomplish having successful dental implants put in place and can make the mouth sore for up to eight months' worth of healing time.

As your dental implants heal, you should take care of your mouth by chewing soft foods, consuming liquid foods, and keeping your mouth free of bacteria and germs. Still, even with the best dental care, you can still encounter problems, and if you do, you want to get dental care right away. Here are signs you need to talk to your dentist about your dental implants; the sooner you address potential issues, the better.

Your pain is increasing

While you can expect some pain and swelling following getting dental implants, you should have your pain diminish shortly after the procedure is done. If your pain is increasing following getting dental implants, especially if your pain is accompanied by bleeding and/or fever. If you have worsening pain, infection, or damage to the dental implants sites, your dentist can give you an oral exam to see what is causing your issue.

Your dental implants feel loose

If your dental implants feel loose, then it may be caused by the inflammation going down in your gums, or it may be caused by your implants actually being loose. The only way to really know if your dental implants are loose or cause for concern is to call your dentist and have them go over your dental implants to ensure they are in good condition.

Your dental crowns look or feel unnatural

The dental implant itself is not the tooth, the dental crown is what is seen on the surface of the dental implant. The dental crown should not look or feel unnatural in your mouth and should match the color and size of the rest of your teeth. If it doesn't or you want to have your tooth implant changed or modified to meet your needs, let your dentist know.

You'll have several dental appointments after you have your dental implants put in to ensure your implants are healing well and staying put. This allows you to feel more confident in your smile and helps you stay on course to improve your smile in a healthy way. If you have any dental concerns about your dental implants, let your dentist know at your next appointment.


9 December 2020

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