Here's Why You Should Never Wait To Get Help After A Tooth Is Knocked Out

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Having a tooth knocked out can be a harrowing experience, but some people are inclined to overlook it and try to cope with the aftermath. Whether you're trying to save face or save money, this is the wrong decision to make. If you've had a tooth knocked out or know someone who has who isn't seeking help, it's time to change that right away. Here's why:

Open Wound

When a tooth is knocked out, it's not as though a piece of bone is simply popping out and that's the end of it. A trauma that's intense enough for a tooth to be knocked out has likely damaged the gums, as well.

When this happens, an open wound develops. That wound is susceptible to infection, and can get all kinds of things inside of it that it shouldn't, like food debris.

It Can Be Replaced

Knocked-out teeth can often be replaced, but only if you know what to do and act quickly.

The interior of a tooth can survive for a short period of time after the tooth comes out. However, how you act at this point will largely determine whether that tooth survives and can be transplanted back in or if a completely artificial replacement is necessary.

If the tooth was knocked out recently, preserve the tooth by putting it in a tooth preserving solution - you can typically find this at drugstores - or by placing it in milk. Bring the tooth to the dentist's office. If you act quickly, the tooth should still be viable and can literally be put back in the socket where it came from after a quick cleaning and examination.


Lastly, teeth that are knocked out don't always come out perfectly. In many cases, a small portion of tooth may be left behind that breaks off when the tooth was knocked out of your mouth.

When this happens, sepsis can develop and that is your dental emergency. Sepsis is like a severe infection, but one that can quickly become life-threatening without help. This is because the remainder of the tooth can start to decompose while it's still hidden underneath your gums. Without help, the infection can spread through the gums and potentially kill other teeth too, or even damage the bone in your jaw. You should never avoid seeing a dentist after a tooth is knocked out for this very reason.

If a tooth has been knocked out recently, it's practically a must to see a dentist. The tooth can be saved and the remainder of these conditions can be avoided so long as you get help soon, so visit an emergency dentist for immediate help.


5 December 2019

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