Common Questions About Getting Dental X-Rays

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Do you have an appointment to visit your dentist, and they will be taking dental x-rays? You may have a few of these common questions about x-rays before you go to your appointment. 

Are X-rays Safe?  

Many people are concerned about whether dental x-rays are safe to have taken. While exposure to radiation is never ideal, every time an x-ray is taken a doctor needs to weigh the pros against the cons. They ask if the x-ray offers some sort of benefit that is worth more than the amount of radiation the patient is exposed to because all x-rays do not use the same amount of radiation.

Dental x-rays use an incredibly low amount of radiation for an x-ray, which makes them one of the safest types you can get in a medical setting. X-rays are also used to identify a lot of common problems that a dentist cannot see. This includes signs of tooth decay, infections, bone loss, cracked teeth, and various other abnormalities that need to be addressed. 

What Kind Of X-rays Are Taken? 

There are several types of dental x-rays that are used to cover a full view of your mouth. This includes bitewing, periapical, panoramic, and cone beam x-rays. A bitewing x-ray is used to capture the lower and upper rear teeth in a single view and helps with determining if you have cavities and if you have healthy bones supporting your teeth. Periapical x-rays are used for a single tooth and will capture a view of the entire tooth from the root to the crown. These are used to assess cysts, abscesses, and impacted teeth.

Panoramic x-rays capture an overall view of your lower and upper jaw, nasal area, and sinuses. This type of x-ray helps a dentist find issues with jaw tumors, impacted teeth, and TMJ disorder. Cone beam x-rays are capable of capturing a 3D image of your mouth, and play a key role in planning treatments like oral surgery, receiving implants, or getting braces. 

Are Dental X-rays Uncomfortable To Get? 

The process of getting a dental x-ray is completely painless since you won't feel anything in that regard. It can be a bit uncomfortable trying to fit certain devices in your mouth and hold them in place while the x-ray is taken. Just keep in mind that the process of taking the x-ray is over quickly, and you'll just need to hold your position for a minute or two. 

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21 March 2023

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