Don't Like Your Smile? 3 Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You

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If you do not like your smile, there are many things you can do to make you feel better. One of these things is to see a cosmetic dentist. This type of dentist can help you have a much better smile. Below are three ways they can do this.

Whiten Your Teeth

If your teeth are stained, this can make you not want to smile. Fortunately, there are many ways a cosmetic dentist can whiten your teeth. Depending on how stained your teeth are you may have to have the whitening process done more than once.

One way the dentist can whiten your teeth is by using a bleaching gel. Your teeth will first be cleaned. The gel will then be brushed onto your teeth. The doctor uses a special light to activate the bleaching agent. You will notice instant results.

If you would like to whiten your teeth at home, there is a special tray the cosmetic dentist can give you in order to do this. This tray will be custom made to fit your teeth. A bleaching solution is placed into each tooth compartment in the tray. You can put the tray on your teeth. The main drawback to whitening your teeth at home is it will take much longer when compared to getting them whitened in a cosmetic dentist's office.

Offer You Veneers

Veneers can help take care of many tooth problems, such as teeth that are slightly crooked or not shaped well. Veneers can also take care of spaces between your teeth. Veneers generally last a lifetime and when finished, you will have a beautiful smile.

When you visit your cosmetic dentist, they will first make an impression of the teeth you need to have repaired with a veneer. Porcelain veneers are often used. The cosmetic dentist will send the impression to a laboratory, who will then create the veneers for you. When the dentist receives them back, they will insert the veneers for you.

Shape And Contour Teeth

Another service you will find a cosmetic dentist provides is shaping and contouring your teeth. In order to do this, the dentist will remove or contour the enamel on your teeth. Some cosmetic dentists will also use a procedure known as bonding along with this type of contouring.

Shaping and contouring the enamel on your teeth can help with overlapping or crooked teeth, chipped teeth, or irregular teeth.

Talk with a cosmetic dentist in your area to learn much more about these services, as well as other services they can offer you. Companies like Picone Dental - Vincent J Picone DDS can help.


8 August 2019

Give Yourself the Gift of a Beautiful Smile

If you are someone who hesitates to open your mouth when you smile because you are embarrassed about your teeth, you should know that there are a number of cosmetic techniques that can give you a beautiful smile you will be proud to show to the world. As a cosmetic dentist, I have seen many clients transform their lives simply by fixing their smiles. This blog is meant to encourage people to find out about the possibilities in cosmetic dentistry so they can feel good about their smiles. A beautiful, confident smile really can change your life. I would love to show you how.