Reasons That You May Need Braces Again As An Adult

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If you're an adult who had braces as a teenager — perhaps several decades ago — it may be possible that you're interested in getting braces again. While most people who get braces do so only once, there are some individuals for whom getting braces a second time can be a reality. If you think that braces may be appropriate to help your smile, speak to your orthodontist — making sure to let him or her know that you had braces in the past. In most cases, your orthodontist will be happy to talk to you about what braces can do for you at this stage of your life. Here are some reasons that braces for a second time may be appropriate.

You've Experienced Tooth Loss

When you lose a tooth, one thing that you'll experience is the movement of those around it. With a void between two teeth, it's common for those teeth to move toward the void — something that is often called dental shifting. If you didn't deal with the gaps in your smile for a long time, it's possible that you could have experienced enough shifting of your teeth that you no longer have the smile that you want. Your orthodontist may advocate the use of braces to get your teeth straight again and will also recommend a dental implant or bridge to fill any gaps that you have.

You Removed A Bonded Retainer

When you previously had braces, your former orthodontist may have left you with a bonded retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting. This wire, which is mounted to the back sides of your teeth, helps to hold your newly straightened teeth in their new position. However, if you were to remove this device — perhaps the glue failed and the retainer came loose — your teeth may have shifted back into their previously crooked position. If you've never been satisfied with your smile after the loss of your bonded retainer, braces for a second time may be a good idea.

You Weren't Satisfied

Orthodontic technology has dramatically improved in recent years, which means that if you weren't happy with the job that your braces did when you were a child, you're more apt to be pleased with braces now. If your teeth were excessively crooked and the braces that you wore as a child could only do so much, you may still feel as though your teeth aren't as straight as they could be. Going through the process of wearing braces again can be instrumental in finally giving you a smile that you're happy to see.

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19 April 2019

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