Is Your Child Worried About Their Braces Being Noticeable?

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While braces can do an amazing job at fixing the most challenging teeth, the appearance while wearing them is incredibly noticeable. The look of braces may be enough of a problem that your child is fighting you on having them put on. Be aware of the following ways that braces can be less noticeable.

Use Plastic Aligning Trays

The method that is the least noticeable is using plastic aligning trays. The orthodontist will create a series of trays made out of clear plastic that need to be swapped out every two weeks. When they are on the teeth, nobody will be able to notice them unless they are looking closely. The goal is to wear the trays for around 22 hours per day, which will give your child enough time to take out the trays for eating and cleaning, but still be required to wear them overnight.

It is only advised to get a child plastic aligning trays if they are responsible enough to manage them. Taking out the trays at night or during the day will only delay the correction process, by either undoing corrections that have already been made or requiring more trays to be made because the progress is delayed. If your child understands the consequences, consider using the aligning tray method.

Use Lingual Braces

Another option is to place the braces on the rear surface of your child's teeth, often referred to as lingual braces. This method is just as effective as using traditional braces that have metal brackets but will be much less noticeable to others. The one thing to be aware of with lingual braces is the comfort factor, since some wearers may not like the sensation of having the brackets on the rear side of the teeth. It is not easy to swap the brackets to the front side of the teeth if they are causing a problem.

Use White Ceramic Braces

Sometimes the solution is to help the brackets blend in as well as possible. This can be done by swapping out the metal brackets for ones made with white ceramic. The color alone will make them less noticeable, even though they are completely visible on the front surface of your child's teeth. This can be a good compromise for when you do not want to use plastic aligning trays but are worried about the comfort of using lingual braces.

Speak to a children's orthodontist for more info about any of these three treatments.


19 March 2019

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