Concerned About Your Nighttime Dry Mouth Affecting Your Dental Health? Here Are Some Things To Try

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When you visit your family dentist for a general checkup and cleaning, he or she may make a comment about the dryness of your mouth. While most peoples' mouths are damp environments, some people routinely suffer from dry mouths. This issue can occur for several reasons, including dehydration and the use of certain medications, and it may also be an issue if you're an open-mouth sleeper. As far as your dental health goes, a dry mouth can be detrimental because it can potentially elevate your risk of cavities and gum disease. If you wake up each morning with a dry mouth, here are some things to try.

Deal With You Congestion

A likely cause of your morning dry mouth is that you sleep with your mouth open. Understandably, keeping the mouth open for a period of several hours is apt to leave it very dry, and this can affect your dental health. It's possible that you're breathing through your mouth because you can't breathe through your nose. Try to get to the bottom of what is making your nose stuffy and complicating your ability to breathe through it. A nasal spray can often open up your nose, while an elimination diet may be helpful to identify foods that leave you feeling congested.

Change Your Sleeping Position

It's relatively easy to sleep with your mouth open when you lie on your back. In this position, your bottom jaw can fall open once you get relaxed, and breathing through your mouth can quickly occur. If you usually sleep in this position, it may be beneficial to switch things up. Try lying on your side, or perhaps even on your stomach. In these two positions, it's considerably easier to sleep with your mouth closed — and this may prevent it from being dry by the time that morning arrives.

Try A Mouthpiece

Talk to your family dentist about a mouthpiece that you can wear at night. These devices are generally designed to prevent issues such as snoring and tooth grinding, but they can also be an effective and simple way to keep your mouth shut to prevent dry mouth. When you wear a mouthpiece, you'll naturally want to close your mouth to keep this device in place. This may be enough to prevent the morning dry mouth that could be putting your dental health at risk. Speak to your dentist for other techniques that you can use to avoid dry mouth.


22 January 2019

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