Four Ways to Encourage Good Dental Hygiene in Your Child

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When kids are young, they are learning and building lifelong habits that will follow them into adulthood. Set your child up for a lifetime of good dental hygiene by using these four tips:

1. Limit junk food.

Candies, cakes, and cookies are enjoyable treats, but it's important to eat them in moderation. Sugar is bad for your teeth since it can lead to tartar buildup that calcifies into cavity-causing plaque. Limit your child's consumption of junk food, and encourage him to rinse his mouth after consuming snacks. This is especially important after drinking soda, since the carbonic acid can wear away at delicate tooth enamel over time.

2. Establish good habits.

It's never to early to establish good habits. Dentists recommend that people brush their teeth twice per day, in addition to flossing once per day. Help your children by reminding them to brush their teeth in the morning and at night. Teach them to floss, if they don't already know how. According to WebMD, a person should ideally brush their teeth for two minutes. Set a timer for your child to make sure they get into the habit of brushing for the correct length of time.

3. Offer your child gum. 

Chewing gum is an excellent way to prevent plaque, as long as you're chewing the right gum. The friction of the gum against teeth cleans away tartar and food particles. If your child is old enough to safely chew gum, offer him gum between meals. Make sure to choose sugar-free gum, since sugared gum can cause cavities.

4. Make regular dentist appointments.

It's important to practice good dental care at home, but there is no substitute for regular dentist appointments. Visiting the dentist every six months is vital to maintaining good oral hygiene. A dentist will professionally clean your child's teeth, scraping away plaque that has built up. Dentists also provide fluoride treatments for children under the age of 18, which helps protect their teeth from cavities. Young children are often frightened of the dentist, so consider taking your child to a pediatric dentist. These dentists specialize in treating children, so they are patient when working with young kids. 

Ultimately, children learn by watching their parents. In addition to everything else on this list, it's important to model good oral hygiene yourself. Set a good example for your children and teach them how to take care of their teeth.


17 October 2018

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