Why Should You Be Concerned About Your Teen's Underbite?

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Has a dentist informed you that your teenager has an underbite? Perhaps it is obvious to you that the condition exists. An underbite is usually noticeable. Many parents do not fully understand why they should correct the issue. The following points will help you to understand the potential effects of your child having an underbite. 


Some children with underbites may find the condition embarrassing. This can cause them to be shy around their peers. Sometimes it can lead to teasing and bullying, which lower their self-esteem. Your teen might also be embarrassed to smile in the presence of their peers. Teens with low self-esteem might be more prone to make negative choices. They might also choose friends that are a bad influence on them.

Jaw Pain

Underbites result in misaligned teeth, which can lead to jaw pain. This is because when individuals with underbites attempt to chew their jawbones attempt make the top row of teeth come into contact with bottom teeth. When this condition is left untreated, it could result in severe jaw pain and a condition referred to as TMJ. Jaw pain of this type can cause headaches, which can result in your teen having difficulties concentrating. This is something that could negatively impact their academic performance and school attendance. 

Speech Impediments

Your teen may also become shy as a result of having difficulties pronouncing certain words. For example, some words that begin with "s" or "f" may be more difficult to pronounce. This can lead to teens getting teased about mispronouncing words. It may also make them less likely to communicate with their peers out of fear of being ridiculed. 


Food needs to be properly chewed to ensure proper digestion. Undigested food can cause gastric issues. Perhaps your child vomits regularly. Their pediatrician might have diagnosed them with acid reflux. They may have never considered that the underbite could be a contributing factor. After pediatricians are not dentists. The underlying cause of the vomiting episodes might actually be the result of the  It can also result in teens choking due to trying to swallow food.

A dentist is a good resource to use to learn more about options for correcting an underbite. There are several options available. The average parent would likely be most familiar with braces. However, upper jaw expanders and chin caps are also viable options for teens who have an underbite issue.


4 August 2018

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