The Flexibility Of Same Day Crowns

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In the city of Springfield, Illinois, there are different dentists that fabricate and insert same day crowns, known also as CEREC. After talking with their dentists, many people select same day crowns, rather than dental crowns fabricated at dental laboratories.

Dental Crowns

All dental crowns are not fabricated equally. If your tooth requires a dental crown, be sure to discuss the different options with your dentist. A dental crown is a cap that is inserted above a treated decayed tooth, broken tooth, or fragile tooth. The dentist shapes the tooth before inserting the dental crown. Some types of dental crowns are fabricated at a dental laboratory. Others are fabricated at the dentist's office. Dental crowns that are fabricated at a dental laboratory require a patient to return to the dentist for a second, and even a third appointment for insertion of the crown. These crowns can be ceramic, porcelain, or metal such as gold. Same day crowns are ceramic.

Dental Crowns Fabricated at a Dental Laboratory

To fabricate a dental crown, the dentist will require to take an impression of your tooth using a mold. The dentist sends the impression to a dental laboratory to be fabricated. In this case, your dentist will insert a temporary dental crown. The temporary crown will be in place until the new dental crown is ready to be inserted over your treated tooth. The temporary crown may not fit your tooth perfectly. Dentists ask that you contact their office if the temporary crown falls off even if your appointment is approaching. If the dental crown does not fit properly over your tooth on the second appointment, your dentist may send it back to the dental laboratory for further revisions. Often times, the dentist is able to do the revisions themselves.

Same Day Crowns Fabricated at the Dentist's Office

While dental crowns fabricated at a dental laboratory require more than one appointment, same day crowns can be inserted in just a few hours. They are a result of digital technology that utilizes CAD/CAM technology. Same day crowns, also known as CEREC crowns, are performed through computer aided designs. They do not require impressions of your teeth. Dentists utilize digital 3D cameras to take images of your affected teeth with precise measurements. A milling machine at the dentist's office fabricates the crown ready to be fitted afterwards. Same Day Crowns reduce the risk for infection of the tooth while being treated. They eliminate the need for a temporary crown, which can get loose, break, or fall off leaving the tooth vulnerable to bacteria.

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8 June 2018

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