How To Make Sure Your Child's Electric Toothbrush Is Safe To Use

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Electric toothbrushes are generally a good choice for children. They can help to clear away plaque and bacteria better than traditional, manual brushes, and some children enjoy using an electric brush better than a manual brush. With that being said, however, it's important for parents to make sure that their children's toothbrushes are in good condition prior to use. Here are four tips for making sure your child's electric toothbrush is safe to use.

Inspect Bristles

Either every day prior to your child brushing their teeth or every night when they've finished, take a look at the bristles on their toothbrush. Bristles tend to get frayed when used by adults, but children are more likely to chew on the bristles, speeding up the process. If your child's toothbrush looks frayed or split, plan on changing it right away. Continuing to use a frayed brush could cause some of the bristles to loosen and come out while your child is brushing their teeth.

Wiggle Brush

If the bristles are in good condition, try manually wiggling the brush. Firmly grasp the brush between your fingers and give it a little wiggle. If the brush stays on and doesn't loosen, the brush has passed this step. However, if it has some give to it or comes off completely, discard the brush immediately. The vibrations from the brush being turned on could shake the brush off entirely in your child's mouth, which could pose a choking hazard.

Monitor Charging

If your child is old enough to charge their toothbrush, make sure that you monitor them doing so. A wet toothbrush being placed into a cradle could potentially short out the charger, brush, or both. If you think your child can't be taught to make sure the brush is dry before putting it on the charger, take over this step yourself to prevent damage to the electronics and to protect your child from any risk of electrocution.

Follow Directions

Finally, make sure to read any and all directions printed on the toothbrush or replacement heads. All toothbrushes will provide information on how often they should be replaced and whether they require any additional care. Follow these directions explicitly to prevent your child from being injured by their toothbrush.

The key to teaching your child how to perform any kind of oral hygiene is practice, patience, and planning. With these steps and a watchful eye, you can maintain your child's health and help them to maintain superior oral hygiene. Consult a pediatric dentist like Kids First Pediatric Dentistry if you have any questions about your child's dental care. 


29 December 2016

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