Caring For Kids' Teeth: The Role Of A Pediatric Dentist

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Children's dental needs are different from adults' because their mouths and teeth are in the developmental stage. A pediatric dentist specializes in the care of children's teeth from infancy through their early teenage years. As a pediatric dentist, the job duties may be somewhat different from that of an adult dentist. What are some of the things that a child's dentist must do to ensure the good oral health of children? Read on to learn more about the special role these dentists play in children's lives.


Just like an adult dentist, pediatric dentists must attend and graduate from dental school, but their area of study will have more of a focus on the development of teeth, various childhood oral diseases, and helping kids develop good dental habits. For most, two or more years of hands-on clinical work must also be included. This involves working side by side with a pediatric dentist so they can better understand the process of caring for younger teeth.


The following are some of the things a children's dentist will do in order to help ensure their patients are getting excellent care:

  • Work with children and parents to help them deal with habits such as thumb sucking or pacifier use to help children avoid these habits as they get older.
  • Perform oral exams on infants and small children to ensure their mouth is developing normally.
  • Teach kids and parents about proper brushing and flossing habits, and educate them about proper dietary habits such as avoiding sugar, consuming enough dairy, and staying away from sugary drinks like soda.
  • Give patients regular X-rays to ensure the teeth are developing properly and to make sure there is no apparent dental damage.
  • Give children gum and tooth cleanings regularly to help maintain good oral health.
  • Diagnose various oral related problems like cavities, gum disease, and help treat major problems such as a broken tooth, or other problems that may occur due to injury.
  • Making recommendations to parents and patients for things like braces or spacers to help make sure the teeth are growing properly as they age.

For Parents

It is important that parents have their children see a dentist at least every six months for regular check-ups and cleanings. The dentist can help parents identify potential problems and give advice on how to teach their children good oral care habits early. The sooner kids learn to brush properly and take good care of their teeth, the better the odds that they will carry those good habits with them throughout their lives. Parents should tell their children that their dentist is a friend and is there to help keep them healthy. Visit if you're interested in hiring a pediatric dentist.


5 October 2015

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