3 Kid Friendly Snacks That Boost Oral Health

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As a parent, you never stop worrying about your child's health and well being. You do everything you can to make sure that your child develops into a strong young adult. Taking your child to the dentist twice a year and overseeing your child's oral hygiene routine are good starting points. You can also feed your child a balanced diet to promote their oral health. Even picky eaters can be enticed to eat well. Make sure that a variety of flavorful, healthy snacks are available for your child to choose from, and moderate their intake of desserts and sodas. Here are three kid friendly snacks that boost oral health. 

Citrus fruits

Kids naturally gravitate toward sweet foods. The problem is that most of them leave behind damaging sugar and acid residues that can increase their risk of tooth decay. Citrus fruits such as oranges, mangoes, and tangerines help to satisfy your child's sweet tooth while also benefiting their oral health. The key nutrient that helps boost oral health in citrus fruits is vitamin C. A recent study has revealed that high levels of vitamin C in the body are linked to decreased risk of developing gum disease, such as periodontitis. Further, vitamin C helps to boost your immune system on the larger scale by reducing the negative effect of free radicals on the cells in your tissues, including your gums.


Yogurt is appealing to children because it comes in a variety of different flavors from strawberry to chocolate. It can be consumed with a spoon or squeezed into their mouth through a tube for an "on the go" approach to snacking. Yogurt, like other dairy products, is rich in calcium. Calcium helps to fortify bones and teeth. As your child's teeth are worn down from chewing, talking, and grinding, their minerals can be replaced by the calcium in yogurt. Yogurt can also help to stabilize the pH in your child's mouth because dairy is so basic.


Toss some dried cranberries into your child's trail mix. Recent research shows that the polyphenols in cranberries can help battle tooth decay and gingivitis. Although cranberries do have a naturally tart flavor, your child can learn to love them if you mix them with raisins, salty nuts, and a moderate amount of chocolate chips. You can also give your child sugar free cranberry juice or cranberry cocktail to help them get a dose of helpful polyphenols. Talk to your local dentist to learn more about dentistry and the role food plays in oral health.


26 August 2015

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